Intuitive Mastery

Strengthen Your Intuitive Mind and Live with More Clarity!

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Gain Confidence In Your Intuitive Readings In THREE Months!


  • Open your third-eye
  • Connect with your inherent intuitive abilities
  • Translate energy
  • Manage the gifts of being an empath
  • Heighten your awareness during energy sessions (i.e. Reiki Practitioners)
  • Know the difference and TRUST your intuitive-knowing
  • Become a conscious manager of your own energy

This Course Is Beneficial to Your Energetic Understanding...

The Intuitive Mastery course has been designed to help you strengthen your intuition and learn how you personally read and translate energy. The tools in this course will assist you in providing traditional readings, as well as using your intuition for self-healing and transformation.

There are several ways to access and use your intuition, and you will learn various methods to help you identify and understand your own reading style. Intuitive work is very personal and it is important to become aware of your natural abilities in order to read most efficiently!

During each class, you will be guided through techniques and have an opportunity to practice your reading skills! This helps nurture your development and become more confident in your ability to see beyond the physical realm. You will even begin reading in the very first week because YOU ARE INTUITIVE!

Join the Class and SEE for Yourself...

  • Learn How to Connect with Your Third Eye (Divine Vision)
  • Gain Clarity Around Your Energy for Self-Healing and Transformation
  • Learn to Read Other People, Situations and Environments
  • Improve Communication Through Intuitive Interactions
  • Shift Into Higher Awareness and Perspectives
  • Enhance Your Personal Practice (energy-healers)
  • Become More Confident in Your Knowing and Ability

Since each module has been recorded, you have the flexibility of studying at your own pace! It is recommended that you study the classes in order, one module per week. This will help develop your abilities within each technique, based on your consistent practice.

Why does understanding your intuition matter?

First and foremost, let’s briefly explore cognition. We have cognitive processes, which involve comprehension and gaining knowledge. We think, problem-solve, remember, perceive, judge, imagine, plan and encompass language.

In many respects, we have been taught how to use the mind, strengthening various cognitive functions. We are trained to utilize the analytical mind, to be rational and logical. We are encouraged to optimize our critical thinking. We are even given tools to access our creative minds and how to manage our emotions. But there is a key component that has been left out. Has anyone taught you how to access and strengthen your intuitive mind?

Albert Einstein said:

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

Have you forgotten your gift? Take it from Einstein; your intuition is key part of your intelligence. It is another mechanism, part of human design, enabling you to perceive and understand the world around you and within. It is meant to lead/inform the rational mind.

Instead of solely relying on information being fed to you externally, begin exploring your inner-wisdom. Your genius.

Your intuition is clear guidance. You don’t have to think about it; it comes through and you know. And like all things, you simply have to strengthen this muscle. It’s yours…don’t waste it in disbelief! The only way you will know is by trying and allowing yourself to have new experiences, from your intuitive space.

Today, Live Life More Fully By Becoming More Aware

My intuition started becoming more evident as I practiced meditation, regularly, and started practicing Reiki. I began seeing, feeling and sensing information in ways that I didn’t quite trust or understand. It was weird because it was unfamiliar. I didn’t trust it because no one told me it was “normal”. But as I kept having experiences of seemingly random information coming through, I realized I needed to learn how to translate what I was sensing because it was in my awareness for a reason.

How do you translate energy?

I started with oracle cards. I figured having a tangible tool was a good place to start, so I ended up studying with a woman who created a chakra inspired deck. I learned the deck and began trusting the cards that I chose in any given reading.

At first, I was very literal, only sticking with what each card meant. Then as I continued to practice, I noticed other thoughts, words and feelings were showing up as I explained the card definitions to whomever I was reading. I had nothing to lose; I was just practicing, so I started sharing the additional information I received, beyond the card meanings. This was the beginning of building a relationship with my intuition and developing my intuitive mind.

Intuitive Development and Strengthening

As time went on, I studied mediumship, became certified as an intuitive reader, an Akashic Records reader and naturally began allowing information to flow through me, without trying.

At that time I was already teaching Reiki, and I knew that these tools would benefit my students. In fact, I realized that all of us needed to know this about ourselves: we are intuitive by design. The key was for us to learn how to access, recognize and begin to trust in our own unique abilities.

I say unique because we perceive and translate energy differently. Just as we could all read the same book, each of us would translate what we read in different ways. The translations may be similar, but the way we process and describe our thoughts would be unique to our individual lenses. The same is true for intuition, and all you have to begin with is learning how to read…energy.

Intuitive Mastery

I created this online, twelve module course, to give you the key to unlocking your own intuitive potential! And since each module is recorded, you get to go through the course at your own pace, revisiting any class as you choose! As I always say, your practice is everything, and you are the only one who can show up for you and your practice!

  • 12 modules to access at your convenience
  • Guided meditations to help you access your intuitive state of consciousness, reducing your self-doubt and “trying”
  • Bonus information to help deepen your understanding about chakra energy, working with guides and more!

Register for Intuitive Mastery, only $297 for all twelve modules!

Benefits of Strengthening Your Intuitive Mind

  • Stop living from a limited, fear-based point of view
  • Begin trusting yourself, healing lack of confidence
  • Deepen your understanding, seeing from higher-perspectives
  • Experience life from a broader, clearer lens
  • Begin understanding, accepting and loving YOU with more compassion
  • Support friends, family and clients from a space of neutrality, outside of fears, judgments and ego
  • Get to know your higher-self and realize its functionality
  • Be authentically you, in love and light

I look forward to sharing these tools with you. You have done a lot of work strengthening your analytical mind, now it's time to strengthen your intuitive mind.

With love and excitement,


Your Instructor


My name is Yolanda, The Energetic Alchemist. It is my honor to share these courses so that YOU can move beyond spiritual concepts and actually EXPERIENCE being your true-self, while expressing and living into your spiritual nature with confidence.

I'm a Reiki-Master Teacher, Intuitive Mentor and host of the weekly podcast, Reiki Radio. I specialize in transformation of energy and intuitive development. I believe the key to all spiritual work is rooted in self-connection, allowing you to see yourself in TRUTH, from a higher level of consciousness. Because of this, I have created easy online courses to help you move beyond self-imposed boundaries, being to truly SEE yourself as love and reveal your natural gifts!

All of this work is about your process and understanding. It's learning to trust your own abilities. You are magic and you are literally designed for this!

You are an energetic alchemist and intuitive empath, too...

Choose your classes now so I can show you!

Yolanda xo

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Intuitive Mastery
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  Implementing Healing Aspects of Readings
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  Distant Readings
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  Your Energetic Roots
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  Intuitive Breath and Power Alignment
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